Introduction to Biblical Natural History

exhibit1Which animals are in the category of Biblical Natural History? This exhibit, combining live and inanimate specimens, displays animals that are found in Israel today but are not Biblical, animals from Biblical Israel, and animals that are featured in the Bible even though they were never native to Israel.

The Wonders of Creation

exhibit2The prophets encourage us to draw inspiration from the wonders of the natural world. This exhibit features several of the most extraordinary creatures, which are guaranteed to amaze and inspire!

Beasts of Prey

exhibit3Predators occupy a particularly prominent role in Scripture. The lion is by far the most significant, but cheetahs, hyenas and other predators also appear in Scripture, Mishnah and Talmud. This taxidermy exhibit brings you face-to-face with these awesome beasts!

Kosher Creatures

exhibit4The laws of kashrut of mammals, birds, fishes and insects are demonstrated by a range of taxidermy and live specimens – many of which can be handled! Furthermore, several creatures not mentioned in the Torah present intriguing questions regarding kashrut, and also feature in this exhibit.

The Eight Sheratzim

exhibit5The Torah and Talmud discuss eight categories of small, creeping animals that are considered unclean. These include rodents and lizards, as well as other animals. But much confusion surrounds their identification, leading to some Modern Hebrew names for these animals that might not correspond to the correct identities of the Biblical animals. This exhibit of live specimens explores the true identities of these creatures – including hands-on encounters!

Horns and Shofars

exhibit6From which animals’ horns can a shofar be made – both practically and halachically? This hands-on exhibit showcases the world’s largest collection of exotic shofars, along with other animal horns and tusks, including the horn of the legendary unicorn!

Biblical Scenes

exhibit3This gallery showcases stunning scenes of Biblical natural history, with accompanying verses from Scripture. It takes you back to a time when the Land of Israel was inhabited by lions, leopards and bears.

Petting Zoo / Kosher Birds

Our outdoor exhibit includes not only a petting zoo with turtles (including a giant tortoise) and cute furry animals, but also a variety of kosher birds, including pheasants, midget turkeys, guinea-fowl, ducks, and more!