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In the search for quality activities for yeshiva students in the realm of informal education, the Biblical Museum of Natural History stands alone.  We brought our entire student body to the museum with high hopes for an educational and entertaining afternoon, and the experience met and exceeded our very high expectations.  The exhibits are beautifully managed, and the presentation combines fascinating Torah content with humor and plenty of doses of the unexpected.  No student left the museum disappointed, and their appreciation for and understanding of the science of Torah was greatly enhanced.  I highly recommend the Biblical Museum of Natural History to anyone who wants to deepen his understanding of the zoological marvels mentioned in the Torah and Chazal; you will not be disappointed.

The Biblical Museum of Natural History is outstanding! I visited it with my children, and was very moved by how appealing the tour and exhibits were for people of all ages and varied backgrounds. I was delighted when the students from our yeshiva also had the opportunity to visit the museum on a yeshiva-organized excursion. They were raving about it when they returned!

– Rabbi Gidon Shoshan,

Yeshiva Darche Noam/Shapell’s, Jerusalem

We took our Shana Alef and Bet students for an extended 2 1/2 hour tour of the Biblical Museum of Natural History. Initially, I was concerned that it would be nearly impossible to hold the attention of nearly 80 teenaged students. I was pleasantly surprised that our students were engaged and involved the entire time. Rabbi Dr. Slifkin gave a fantastic informative, stimulating and interactive tour. He expertly weaved in humor, multimedia, props and live animals to hold their attention, and they had the time of their lives. It was a perfect balance of fun and education. One student remarked that this was her favorite trip so far this year!

– Rabbi Elie Mayer,

Mashgiach Ruchani,

Tiferet Seminary, Bet Shemesh

- Rabbi Scott Kahn,

Rosh Yeshivah,

Yesodei HaTorah

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