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Live Online Tours

The Biblical Museum of Natural History is offering tours in the NEW museum building exclusively for a very special type of person: those who can’t come!

Our live online programs are perfect for people who are unable to physically visit. All you need is an internet connection! We will give you interactive tours of museum exhibits, during which you will be able to ask questions. It’s the next best thing to actually visiting!


Due to the expanded size of the new museum, and the necessity to keep online tours relatively brief at 50 minutes, it is impossible to cover the entire museum in a single session! We offer a “Basic Tour” which zooms around the entire museum, giving a taste of each of the exhibit halls, and is suitable for very young audiences with limited attention spans; and eight in-depth tours, each of which takes place in a different hall, and are described below.

The price per session is $480 for communities/ adult institutions and $320 for children’s schools – write to for booking.

“Thank you so much for this morning’s exceptional and enjoyable presentation. Beyond your expertise in the field combined with your sense of humor and ability to present I really appreciated how you worked the chat so well to allow for participation even remotely. This was an opportunity to really capitalize on our unfortunate situation and bring their Torah study to life!” – Rabbi Yaacov Feit, Director of Jewish Studies, Kushner Hebrew Academy

Tour Descriptions

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The Animal World of the Bible

What is Biblical Natural History?

Which animals are Biblical, and which are not?

Featuring fascinating encounters with many creatures!


Beasts and Behemoths

A presentation on the identities and symbolism of various predators and other animals in Scripture, including lions, hyenas, hippos, and more!


The Laws of Kosher Creatures

How well do you actually understand the Biblical laws of kosher vs. non-kosher mammals, birds, eggs, fishes, and insects? This is a presentation of the topic like you’ve never seen before, featuring astonishing examples from throughout the animal kingdom!


Horns and Shofars

Which horns can be made into shofars, and why?

This presentation features the world’s largest collection of shofars from different species!


The World of Birds

The symbolism of eagles, storks, quails, falcons, and other birds in the Bible and Jewish history – with live encounters!


Reptiles & Creepy-Crawlies

A survey of the identities and fascinating natures of the reptiles and small mammals that are listed in the Bible. This presentation also shows how creatures that appear so lowly and mundane can be a source of tremendous inspiration. Featuring lots of live specimens!


The Wonders of Creation

Exploring the marvels of the natural world, with a particular focus on those creatures which are highlighted in Scripture for their wondrous characteristic.


The Art of the Ark

Take a tour through our extraordinary collection of artistic models of Noah's Ark from around the world. Learn about how they shed light on people's perspectives on the Bible and the animal kingdom.

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