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Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to all visitors to the Biblical Museum of Natural History. The Museum houses many valuable and delicate animals, both living and non-living. There are also fragile glass display cases, sharp horns, and other potentially hazardous items. Accordingly, visitors are required to abide by these rules and regulations for their own safety and quiet enjoyment and that of others.


By entering, visitors will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the following rules and regulations:

1. All children under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parent or other adult at all times.

2. Running or any other wild behavior in the Museum is strictly prohibited.

3. No visitor shall disturb or tease any exhibit animal by any means, including an attempt to pet, feed, handle or capture exhibit animals except under the supervision of a Museum staff member; this includes animals in the petting section.

4. The touching of exhibits is expressly prohibited unless overseen by a Museum staff member, with the exception of items in the “Please Touch” section.

5. Items in the “Please Touch” section may be freely handled, but it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to ensure that children in their party handle the items responsibly.

6. There is no guarantee that the Museum’s shofars on display are germ-free. Visitors who choose to blow or otherwise handle any of the shofars may only do so with approval and under the supervision of a Museum staff member, and do so at their own risk.

7. The Museum reserves the right to immediately evict from the Museum premises any visitor exhibiting unruly behavior.

8. In order to enhance the visitors’ Museum experience, the Museum affords its visitors with the opportunity to touch and handle certain of the animals under the supervision of a Museum staff member. While these animals are all generally docile, there nonetheless exists the potential of it biting, scratching, defecating or otherwise causing minor harm or distress, as with any animal. The Museum disclaims responsibility for any such incidents.

9. All Museum animals are under veterinary supervision. However, there is always the possibility of disease, and many reptiles carry salmonella. While the risk of contracting disease from our animals is extremely low, all visitors are urged wash their hands with soap after touching the animals.

10. Eating, drinking and chewing gum are not allowed inside the Museum premises, except where authorized by Museum staff, and any containers of food brought into the Museum premises must be sealed.

11. The film and photographic material taken by visitors may only be used for private purposes. The commercial use and sale of this material (or parts thereof) in any way is expressly prohibited.

12. The Museum may photograph or film any visitor for any purpose, without prior approval or compensation, as permitted under applicable law, provided, however, that any visitor who objects to such usage is requested to promptly notify the Museum office.

13. Visitors are liable to the Museum for any damages, which result from negligence of the zoo regulations or any other negligent behavior on their behalf or by the children for whom they are responsible.

14. The Museum is not responsible for any damages to the visitor as a result of not adhering to these rules and regulations.

We wish you a memorable and enjoyable visit to our Museum!

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