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The Biblical Museum of Natural History is supported by the generosity of visionary donors. Your contributions help us create and develop this extraordinary and unique institution, and to operate educational programs which benefit all sectors of society. You can join the Museum family and support its mission by joining our society of Friends, Patrons, Benefactors and Founders.



  • Friends of the Museum
    Friends of the Museum support our ongoing mission with an annual donation of $360. Friends of the museum receive: A free family admission to the museum Invitations to exclusive “Friends of the Museum” events Discounts on special museum events and gift store items
  • Patrons of the Museum
    Patrons of the Museum play an integral role in supporting our ongoing mission. The patron levels are: Bronze Patrons - donate $1800 annually Silver Patrons - donate $3600-$5000 annually Gold Patrons - donate $10,000 annually Patrons receive: Unlimited free admission all year for the patron with their family, including a private tour with museum director Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin An acknowledgement on the Patron board at the Museum A signed copy of The Torah Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom Discounts for our special Exotic Banquets (click here for more details)
  • Benefactors of the Museum
    Benefactors of the Museum are donors who contribute cumulative gifts over a period of time totaling $100,000 – $500,000. In addition to all the other patron benefits, their names are permanently inscribed on a special plaque at the museum, as well as on the exhibit that they have dedicated. They also receive an invitation to join the Museum’s international Board of Directors.
  • Founders of the Museum
    Founders of the Museum are donors who contribute cumulative gifts of $500,000 upwards. Aside from receiving all the Benefactor benefits, their names are permanently inscribed as museum founders. They represent the highest category of donors in the Museum.
  • Exhibit & Program Dedications
    It is possible to dedicate specific sections, exhibits, and programs in the museum. Other donation and dedication options include museum publications, contributions in honor of friends or family, and naming of live animals.

If you are interested in pursuing these or other avenues of involvement, please send us an email


Donations are tax-deductible in Israel, the US, Canada, and the UK.

The Biblical Museum of Natural History is funded via The Torah and Nature Foundation, which is registered in the United States as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The tax ID no. is 46‑0957232. Donations can be sent to the following address:

The Torah and Nature Foundation
1901 Avenue of the Stars #1060
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Keren Torah v’Teva is a recognized 46(a) charity in Israel.

Donations can be sent to:


Keren Torah V’Teva

c/o Rabbi Natan Slifkin

2/1 Nachal Raziel

Beit Shemesh 9963217


Or Via Bank Transfer

Bank name: Pagi (#52)

Bank branch number: 179

Account number: 577863

Account name: Keren Torah V’Teva


Our Founders

Lee Samson, Los Angeles

Dawn and Ian Aaron, Colorado

Our Benefactors

Jack & Nancy Dwyer, Baltimore
Chaim and Chana Gelbfish, Brooklyn

Shlomo & Tamar Rechnitz, LA

Stephen Schloss, LA

Jorian Schutz, Virginia
Shlomo Rechnitz, LA

Brad and Shayna Somer, Memphis

Larry and Shelley Russak, Seattle

Larry and Carol Mizel, Denver

David and Judy Hager, LA

Ron and Toby Hersh, New York

Elliott and Robin Broidy, LA

Director's Circle

David and Eynat Blonder, LA

Faith Branvold and Harold Walt, LA

Gershon & Aviva Distenfeld, Bergenfield

Yehuda and Simi Feigen, LA

Dov and Nancy Friedberg, Toronto

Ilse Gluckstadt, Carmiel
Jameel and Judy Hourani, LA

Mitch and Joleen Julis, LA

Ezra and Lauren Kest, LA

Ben and Michelle Mandelbaum, LA

Simon and Carolyn Mani, LA

Glenn and Nathalie Marshak, LA

David and Marni Nagel, LA

Patrick Orr, Bensalem

Tzvi Ryzman, LA

Josh and Larae Sable, LA

Ira and Rachel Smedra, LA

Steven J. Weiss, LA

Karen and Gary Winnick, LA

Paul Shaviv and Michelle Stein, Palm Beach

Neal Deutsch, Glenview

Jonathan and Anne Rand, Jerusalem

Michael Stern, UK

Gold Patrons

Harris and Esther Bak, New York

Seth and Nealy Fischer, Raanana

Anonymous, Monsey

Silver Patrons

Shaun and Ros Bacher, Tel Aviv

Gershon and Aviva Distenfeld, Bergenfield

Hillel and Ruth Kellerman, LA

Gabi & Yudit Frei, Beit Shemesh

Leo and Susan Noe, London

Martin and Melodie Scharf, New York

Bob Zeller and Nadine Gerson-Zeller, LA

Nanette Wolf, Brooklyn

Peter Zandan and Alonet Zarum, Sante Fe

Aryeh and Tzivia Bak, Modiin

Lolly Bak, New Rochelle

Simon & Pearl Lopian, Manchester, UK

Bronze Patrons

Paul and Diana Appelbaum, New York Mort and Edie Barr, Beit Shemesh

Marc and Chantal Belzberg, Jerusalem

Rachel Heller Bernstein, Jerusalem

Michael and Karine Bloch, Raanana

Phil and Toni Chernofsky, Jerusalem

Shimmy Feintuch, New York

Jerry and Jean Friedman, LA

Selwyn and Glynis Gerber, LA
Jonathan and Natalie Gerber, LA

Aviad and Natalie Goldwicht, Jerusalem Charles Hall & Paul Sinclair, Riverdale

Ralph and Judy Herzka, NY

Bill and Joan Lopatin, LA
Daniel Lopian, UK

Elise Ohayon-James & Craig James, Israel

Steven and Gail Plotnick, Fairlawn, NJ

David and Miriam Rybak, Beit Shemesh

Heshe and Harriet Seif, Efrat

David and Michelle Silver, LA

Jaime & Marilyn Sohacheski, LA

Marc and Susan Wiesen, Teaneck

David and Debbie Wise, Maplewood, NJ

Robert and Debbie Hartman, Bal Harbour

Mark Hyman and Sheryl Neuman, LA

Morris Dweck, Brooklyn

Michael and Eva Salzhauer, Miami

The Schuckit and Welz-Cook Family, Carmel

Orin and Liora Green, Modiin

Chuck Lowenstein, Jerusalem

Yoni and Shoshana Domnitz, Hong Kong

Scott and Aviva Krieger, LA

Shalom Sananes, Brooklyn

The Chanales Family, Teaneck

Bryan and Andrea Bier, West Orange

Aaron Drazin

Chayim and Karen Stern, East Brunswick

Simon Hamilton, Raanana

Bennett and Yocheved Deutsch, Teaneck

Marc and Francine Sicklick, Lawrence

Jake and Loren Shepherd, Glenhazel

Meyer and Sheila Last, Teaneck

Elliott Forgash, Teaneck

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