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Visits to the Biblical Museum of Natural History are exclusively via guided tours, by appointment only



Admission fees for the regular tour, which lasts an hour to an hour and a half are as follows:


50 NIS

(age 18 & up)

40 NIS

(age 4-18)


(3 and under)

40 NIS

(Senior Citizen, Student, Soldier, Policeman, Disabled)

Special Rates

Group and School Visits: 

Discounts are available for group visits of 20 people and up.


Payment for groups must be arranged in advance. Groups from elementary and high schools receive an additional discount.

Groups can only be booked via email or phone with the museum. Contact Group Bookings or call:



Tours are available daily from Sunday-Friday. Check for tour availability when you click on Book Your Tour Now.  


The Museum office is open:

Sunday-Thursday 9:00 - 5:00

Friday 9:00-12:00

Getting Here


The new Biblical Museum of Natural History is located on the corner of Hachoshen and Topaz Streets in Har Tuv B, diagonally across from the main entrance of Beit Shemesh on Route 38. 

Waze/ Google Maps - Please search for the Biblical Museum of Natural History and ensure you select the Har Tuv address! There is plenty of parking.

Train - We are 2km from the Beit Shemesh train station; it’s easiest to take a taxi.

Bus - We are located a short walk from the Dolmit Bus Stop on Route 38 as well as the bus stop at the intersection of Route 38 & Route 3855. The museum is very clearly visible from both stops.

Following is the list of incoming & outgoing Beit Shemesh buses that stop at these two bus stops:

To/From Jerusalem: 415

To/From Tel Aviv: 411 & 412

To/From Kiryat Yearim: 424

To/From Petach Tikva: 408

To/From Ramat Gan/ Bnei Brak: 597


In addition, Bus 28 (one per hour) which travels between the Beit Shemesh Train Station and Ikea stops on route 38 near the museum.


From Beitar Illit: Buses 139 stops at the Har Tuv Junction from which one can catch one of the other buses listed above.


The Biblical Museum of Natural History website provides full accessibility to the disabled and elderly, enabling one and all to enjoy all of its features, in accordance with the accessibility regulations. The staff at the Biblical Museum of Natural History is committed to providing our visitors with the highest quality experience, including full accessibility to our website and the museum and equal opportunities for all our visitors. If you encounter a problem of any kind, please notify one of our staff members and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

This website meets the requirements of the Equal Rights Regulations for individuals with disabilities (2013).The museum accessibility is in accordance with the Israeli Standards regarding content accessibility (ת”י 5568), and the online AA document WCAG2.0. Accessibility representative on staff can be reached for any further discussion or queries: Maayan Steele 0732131662 or