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The Art of the Ark

The story of Noah's Ark is one of the most powerful in history. Over the last few thousand years, it has spread around the world, captivating billions of people. Even in the 21st century, Noah's Ark is the most potent symbol of preserving wildlife; it is in the title of numerous works about conservation, and conservation organizations worldwide have the ark as their symbol. That is why the Biblical Museum of Natural History, which showcases the connection between the Bible and the animal kingdom, created a unique new exhibit: The Art of the Ark.

The highlight of the exhibit is the collection of many dozens of model Noah's Arks. These are not children's toys; they are hand-crafted models made as art items to be treasured and admired. And many of them fascinatingly reflect the cultures of the part of the world in which they were created, and the animals which are part of those cultures.


The collection of artistic models from around the world is complemented with a scale model of the Biblical Ark. The exhibit also includes a range of different forms of art. Mosaics from ancient synagogues, and paintings from artists of different backgrounds, all show how the story of Noah's Ark spread in unique ways around the world. A book to accompany the exhibit is currently in preparation.


The "Art of the Ark" exhibit is housed in our Hall of Wonders, and can be seen during the guided tours of the museum

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