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The Art of the Ark

The story of Noah's Ark is one of the most powerful in history. Over the last few thousand years, it has spread around the world, captivating billions of people. Even in the 21st century, Noah's Ark is the most potent symbol of preserving wildlife; it is in the title of numerous works about conservation, and conservation organizations worldwide have the ark as their symbol. That is why the Biblical Museum of Natural History, which showcases the connection between the Bible and the animal kingdom, is developing a Noah's Ark exhibit.

The exhibit will include a wide range of different forms of art. Mosaics from ancient synagogues, paintings from medieval illuminated manuscripts, and artwork from Jewish, Christian and Muslim artists, all show how Noah's Ark disseminated in unique ways around the world. And educational/promotional materials from contemporary conservation organizations demonstrate how this imagery still has great power.

The highlight of the exhibit will be the collection of model Noah's Arks. Nowadays, toy Noah's Arks are generally produced from plastic, and are only made for very little children. But in many countries, there are hand-crafted model Noah's Arks made as art items to be treasured and admired rather than played with by children. And many of them fascinatingly reflect the cultures in which they are produced, and the animals which are part of those cultures.

The Art Of The Ark exhibit is planned to open in 2023. If you have a special Noah's Ark that you would like to donate to the exhibit, or if you are interested in dedication opportunities, please write to


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