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Live From The Museum

Join us every week via Zoom for a unique interactive session! Museum director Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin and others give in-depth looks at a different exhibit or topic every week. This program is available free for museum members - see Designed for adults and older children. The sessions will be on Sundays at 6pm Israel time.

List of Topics:

·         Elephants & Mammoths

·         The Leviathan

·         Techelet & Seashells

·         Oddities of the Ocean

·         Amazing Insects of the World

·         Marvelous Minerals

·         Turtles from around the World

·         Alien Invasions – From Mango Tree Borers to Coatis

·         The Art of Noah’s Ark

·         How to Design a Biblical Museum of Natural History

·         The Ins and Outs of Taxidermy

·         The Biblical Behemoth

·         Purim and the Bear

·         Chanukah and the Leopard

·         The Riddle of the Bardelas

·         Can Animals Go Extinct?

·         Ostriches in Jewish History

·         The Animals of Pirkei Avot

·         Animals in Jewish Art

·         Jackalopes and other Exotic Shofars

·         The Camel, the Hare & the Hyrax

·         Animal Skulls and the Stories they Tell

·         Is There a Kosher Pig?

·         Giraffes in Jewish Law

·         Locust Kashrut Controversies

·         The Birds of the Bible

·         Quail and the Nature of Miracles

·         Are Peacocks and Penguins Kosher?

·         Kashrut Enigmas: Birds’ Nest Soup, Kopi Luwak, and Manna

·         Extraordinary Eggs

·         Manta Rays, Caviar, and other Fishy Kashrut Issues

·         The Secret of the Stincus

·         Tithes and Bugs: Feeding our Animals

·         Falconry and Judaism

·         The Range of Rodents

·         The Reptiles of the Bible

·         Frogs, Toads & Other Amphibians

·         Spiders & Scorpions

·         Bugs of the Bible

·         Reptile Reproduction

·         Super Snakes

·         Zoos and Teddy Bears

·         Man versus Animals

·         Laws of Sensitivity to Animals

·         Pets in Judaism

·         Perek Shirah: Nature's Song

·         The Legend of the Unicorn

·         Monkey Business

·         Grasp of the Gecko

·         The Fabulous Salamander

·         Bees and Ants

·         The Case of the Jumping Elephant

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