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Animal Handling Experience

Join us for a fun packed hour of animal interaction. Meet our tegus, chameleons, chinchillas, rabbits, boas, and much, MUCH more. Whether you or your children are looking for some quiet time with sweet baby rabbits, looking to overcome your fear of tarantulas, or just looking for something to do on a rainy day, come join us for some memorable experiences.

The reservation includes:

Entry to Hall of Small Animals, Serpentarium, and Hall of Wonders.

This reservation does not include entry to the museum exhibit halls. 

Length: one hour

Recommended age: 2 and above

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or changes to a booking are accepted up to 48 business hours before the scheduled time of the visit.

After this time, no refunds (full or partial) are given for tickets that have not been redeemed for any reason.

Ticket Prices:

Adult (age 18+): 20 | Child (age 2-17): 20 NIS | Senior/Student/Soldier: 20 NIS

​Interested in a date or time that do not appear on the schedule?

Contact us at or 073-213-1662 to inquire about adding additional slots

Love animals, and don't think visiting once will cut it for you?

Take a look at our Multipass - available for purchase online or at the museum.

The perfect solution for a long and rainy day!

Enjoy hands-on interaction and animal time in our extensive petting area.

Price: 200 NIS.


Includes 10 entries + free entry for one adult for each session.

Not valid during Chol Hamoed, summer vacation, or Channukah.

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