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Tekhelet Workshop

With Specialist Joel Guberman

Service Description

For over a thousand years, the secrets of the precious Tekhelet dye, and the identity of the mysterious sea creature that produced it, were lost. Over the past half-century, a convergence of research and discoveries by Rabbis, scientists, archeologists, and others has led to the conclusive identification of the marine snail that is the source of Tekhelet. Join us to experience this discovery! Workshop on June 26th 2024: 17:00-18:00 Self Guided Tour 18:00-18:45 Workshop

  • At the Museum - not available on Zoom

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy:

Please note that cancellations or changes to your booking will only be possible
up to 48 business hours before the scheduled time of your visit.
After this time, no refunds (full or partial) will be given for tickets that have not been redeemed for any reason.

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