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The Feast of Legends from the Sea

On June 13th, 2022, the Biblical Museum of Natural History produced a "Feast of Legends from the Sea" in Beverly Hills, California. It was probably the most unusual kosher meal ever prepared in the United States! Extraordinary creativity was used to prepare a sumptuous banquet of foods that are never normally available for the kosher consumer. In some cases, it was serving unusual species that, contrary to popular belief, are kosher; in other cases, it was creating incredible kosher facsimiles of non-kosher species. There is an article about swordfish on our Knowledge Base; we will be posting articles on our Facebook page explaining the other courses. Meanwhile, here is a gallery of photos from the event. Many thanks to chef Nicki Reiss for catering the event, and to Kosher LA for providing supervision. Photos are by Jonah Light Photography.


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