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Israel at War
A Museum's Response

People in Israel are facing tremendous challenges. You can help the museum respond to the tremendous needs in Israel today using our unique resources. Below are the various ways in which your generosity will make a difference.

Sponsored Tours for Evacuees

We are providing sponsored tours to many hundreds of people who had to flee their homes in both northern and southern Israel. 

“As residents of the south who had to evacuate our home, we were so grateful to enjoy a museum tour during Chanukah. We loved the museum and were so impressed with the staff, particularly the caring way in which they handled the animals and related to us. At a time when we are far from home, you made us feel at home. We can’t thank you enough”!

-Zahuri family, Ashkelon


Free Tours for "Miluim" Families

In cooperation with the local municipalities, we identified “Miluim spouses” (in which the husband or wife is serving in reserve duty) and are providing free museum tours for them with their children.

“Thank you so much for your support of the children of reserve soldiers. I ordered tickets so that my husband could have a great day out with the kids on his one day off (and give me a break). In the end, he wasn’t allowed to come home and so I took them instead. It was a wonderful day out and put a smile on everyone’s face. Thank you”!

-Rachimi Family, Beit Shemesh

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Animal Assisted Therapy for Children in Trauma

As a response to the enormous need for therapeutic services, we are working to develop an animal assisted therapy program for children in trauma, to help them develop self-confidence and overcome fears and anxiety.

young boy holding a bunny (1).jpg

Subsidized Animal Interaction hours

We are offering designated hours when families can bring children to interact with the animals. Through petting and holding a variety of creatures, including turtles, chinchillas and chameleons, visitors enjoy a fun, relaxing break from the stress of daily life while learning respect for wildlife.

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Strengthening our Connection to the Land

By illustrating our deep historical connection to the Land of Israel via the wildlife that has been part of our culture for millennia, we strengthen national identity and resolve.


To donate by credit card

For shekel (NIS) donations via bank transfer:

Bank name: Pagi (#52)

Bank branch number: 179

Account number: 577863

Account name: Keren Torah V’Teva

For more information, email:

Your generous gift will support the museum’s efforts in response to the war, and all of our work to educate people about Jewish heritage, the natural world and the Land of Israel.

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