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BMNH Volunteer MOU 2024

As a volunteer at the Biblical Museum of Natural History:

My direct supervisor will be: Judy Faber 050-811-8260. She is available by phone from 9:00 to 15:00, Sun-Thurs, to help with scheduling.

Other managers on staff who may be allocating responsibilities and supervising: Chaim Machlis - Head of animal care, Noam - Senior animal care. At times, requests will be made by other staff members, and all requests are to be carried out accordingly. I understand the importance of completing all tasks allocated to me, in a timely manner.

I understand I must speak respectfully to both staff and visitors at all times.

I understand that there will be some responsibilities I love and enjoy, and others that I wish could be done by someone else. But I also understand that as part of a team of volunteers at the museum, we all need to shoulder responsibility and the more cooperative we all are, the more stress-free and enjoyable the environment will be.

Before starting my shift (on time!) I will:

  1. Put on my museum T-shirt and volunteer badge. Make sure I look presentable and am dressed according to the museum dress code (Girls - skirt covering the knee, boys - long trousers).

  2. Check the tour schedule for the day. The schedule will be displayed on the large screen in the conference room. I will make sure to check which tours I am scheduled on, and make sure I know the start and end time of animal handling for each of those tours.

  3. Report to Judy and make sure she knows I’ve arrived for my shift.

Break - for a 4-5 hour shift, I can take a 20 minute break, after getting Noam or Chaim’s approval. I understand that if I choose to take my break in a public space (Solarium, downstairs), my behaviour will need to be in accordance with the regular behaviour guidelines.

Interactions between volunteers must be professional and respectful at all times - no yelling, running, or other behaviors that are not suitable for volunteers in an educational institution.

Time between tours - I understand I am on duty, and will be expected to assist in other areas around the museum.

Animal handling - I understand the importance of handling animals as I was instructed during training, and the importance of closing cages properly.

Phone use - phone use during tours is prohibited. WhatsApp messages should be checked between tours for museum related correspondences.

Earphones/earpods - must not be worn around the museum whatsoever (even while off tour duty). The only exception - if taking your break in the kitchen.

I understand the importance of keeping my shifts and sticking to the schedule - arriving on time, leaving at shift end, and if cancellation is needed due to a legitimate reason (sick day), this must be requested as much in advance as possible. I understand that if there are many instances of late arrival or missing shifts, my volunteering may be terminated, and in some cases, I will not be invited back.

I understand it is my responsibility to ensure that during the duration of my volunteering in the museum, I have a tetanus immunization that is valid.

Thanks for submitting!
Looking forward to a great Pesach season together!
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