The Biblical Museum of Natural History is pleased to announce a lecture series, Night At The Museum, also streaming live online for participants around the world!

The initial series will have eight presentations, taking place every Sunday night at 8pm Israel time (1pm EST), from May 21 through July 9 (skipping July 2). The schedule for the first two presentations is as follows:
May 21: The Legend of the Unicorn – An exploration into different unicorns that seem to be described in the Torah and Midrash, and their real-life possible identities.
May 28: Ostriches, the Jerusalem of Africa, and the Evil Eye – The curious story of the ostrich in Scripture, Talmud, and diverse episodes of Jewish history.

Future topics include:
Awesome Elephants and Amazing Monkeys – Insights into the characteristics of these extraordinary creatures as reflected in Jewish law and thought.
Raptors and Jewish Hawking – The fascinating story of birds of prey, falconry and its role in Scriptural exegesis and Jewish history.

Most of the lectures will be delivered by the founder and director of the museum, Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin. There will also be some guest presentations by other exciting and distinguished speakers.

The cost is 20 NIS / $5 per person for a single presentation, and 120 NIS / $30 for the full series of eight. Participation is free for Friends, Partners and Patrons of the museum. To participate online via the live streaming presentation, please pay in advance using the links below, and you will be sent information as to how to log in to the classes. To attend in person, you can either pay online or in person when you come. See you at the museum!