The Biblical Museum of Natural History is currently housed in a medium-sized rental facility. This has many limitations; it is simply not possible to properly display all of the exhibits, and during peak periods, it is impossible to accommodate all the people who would like to visit, and the museum is forced to turn many people away.

But all that is going to change! We are in the process of acquiring a new, larger facility. This is a much more prestigious building than the present facility, and it will enable the museum to rise to a whole new level. In the museum’s new home, it will be possible to display more and superior exhibits, and there will also be classrooms and opportunities for a variety of additional programs. The museum will be the premier cultural attraction for the entire region, and will rise to prominence both nationally and internationally.

Dedication Opportunities

Imagine your name, your company’s name or the name of a loved one on an exhibit, hall or patron board. Tens of thousands of visitors to the museum will know that you support the most unique educational and cultural institution in the region. There are a variety of different opportunities for this honor, and we are always happy to customize opportunities to meet your needs.

Click here to download our Museum book with a detailed description of dedication opportunities available