image: boy holding snake at workshopEnroll your child in the most unusual chug in the country! The Biblical Museum of Natural History’s chug introduces your child to the extraordinary world of animals. Each session involves getting to know new species of exotic creatures. Your child will gain knowledge of many aspects of animal taxonomy, physiology and behavior. Participants will also learn about the role of animals in the Torah, and many halachic aspects relating to animals, including the signs of kosher creatures, the laws of shofar, and other such topics. Our unique collection of live exotic animals, skulls and bones, and taxidermy mounts will all play a role. The students will also engage extensively in handling the animals and learning how to take care of them.

Based on interest expressed so far, we are currently offering the following Chugim on Sunday, at the following hours:

  • 5 pm – Boys age 5-7
  • 6 pm – Boys age 8-11
  • 7 pm – Boys age 12-15

We are happy to offer other Chugim should there be sufficient interest.

For more details and registration, call 073-213-1662 or write to [email protected].