As a youth, Shlomo Horowitz assisted with establishing the Insect Room at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. Ever since then, with the exception of his years in yeshivah and the IDF, he has been involved with the care of exotic animals and wildlife education. Shlomo has taught classes in zoology and nature at numerous schools in Jerusalem. Aside from weekly classes in several schools, he also taught special sessions at over fifty haredi Talmud Torahs as part of the Jerusalem Municipality’s “Noah’s Ark” projects. He has also led teacher-training sessions for biology teachers in the haredi education system, amongst many other education projects.

Shlomo’s university studies were in the field of geology. He has collected some unique fossils in Israel, including a hippopotamus tusk from the Kinneret and an elephant tusk from Sodom, and he has published articles on his fossil discoveries in Teva HaDevarim magazine. Shlomo has a large collection of exotic animals, biological artifacts and fossils, which he maintains in a Pinat Chai at Sedeh Bar in Gush Etziyon.

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